WWIII The Cold War of Sanctions

As the world gears up for the violent freezing of their money and Russian Vodka & Caviar shortages to the Elite EU bankers, the rest of the world goes on with the daily routine of humdrum existence. So I thought I would fire the first shot.


OH Crud another dud save yourself….

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All kidding aside now , what is really going in the Ukrainian governments overthrow ? If you step back and take the time to investigate the entire situation that started the whole crisis, one must consider if the motives of the rebels were to bring justice to a corrupt President or, if his political decision towards avoiding the European Union’s offer of membership posed a threat to the countries democracy. The arguments first used by the protesters had to do with changes made to the constitution and were slowly being dealt with by the President nullifying them. Then came the argument of distrust in the President’s alleged misuse of funds and collusion with Russia’s monetary Aide package somehow being a threat to their ability of having a sound economic policy. The world has eyes and ears and common sense. Over the past ten years we have witnessed the effects of the Countries who choose to participate in the free marketing ideals of the EU. Many of them suffered in the long run as the bankers now controlled their monetary systems. The trend of countries needing the banksters to bail them out of crisis’ occurring due to  an unfair trade system, left them squarely in debt to the banking cartel. This observation on its own gives little substantiation to any claim that the legally elected President acted in bad faith toward the country’s interests.


That all said, we can move forward on the search of motive, that apparently has found favor from the Western Alliance and its EU member nations to support the questionable self appointed leaders who have overthrown the capital. The main stream media, admittedly has paid sponsorship that has the final word on what is and isn’t reported via their stations and publications. Consequently we can not be sure of what they put forth as it is heavily biased to reflect the tenets they support. We can though with diligence hopefully, research the information available via the Internet. Social Media has entertained a new broader application of reporting the news in real-time through the use of modern communication apparatus. Blogs and posts have become the trending way to receive instant feedback and debate on issues worldwide. Sadly it has also become a way for suppressive leaders to spy in secret with blackmail and personal gain as their motive. It is these leaks of secret motives that give questions in need of investigation of guilt and innocence of the crimes committed in this Coup de tat. As far as I have been able to see, The Western Alliance and the EU are trying their very best to keep this investigation from ever being conducted. This is a very suspicious all to familiar pattern of exposing an involvement in the crime. If in fact they are successful in this deed of serious injustice, in sweeping the truth aside, it only proves we live in a completely unjust global Dictatorship.


I would like to ask for others to respond with their thoughts on this matter.                                                                             Adam Baum 3/13/2014

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