Ukrainian-genocide-and-its- US cheerleaders

I have followed this tragic scandal from the beginning and was utterly shocked to discover just how the evil powers of influence has been able to have infiltrated puppets into all of the very top Global Jurisdictions. I knew that a serious false-flag operation was scheduled for 2014, and that a global discourse was intended to divert any attempts at exposing the those responsible for the fraudulent take over of America by all the So Called Suicides of Wall St. Bankers and worried insiders and IMF and World Bank Whistle blowers, have put the pieces of the puzzle together in an attempt to Enlighten the World about how they have been played for fools when they forced country after country to fall into their web of deceit.
It is imperative that you watch and share this video to wake up the Slaves of this Evil Cartel who are responsible for this Whitewash of Global Genocide…

Karen Hudes ~ Global Corruption ~

Genocide is exactly the right Name for it;

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