Syria in the Last 24 Hours

Please read this urgent alert from the Syrian Army and their earlier statement on coalition airstrikes inside Syrian territory.
Syria 360°

If our sources are accurate, and they usually are, expect very good news from one of the most difficult fronts in the next few days.

More details when possible.

Syrian Arab Army

26 civilians killed in terrorist bombings in Hasaka
14 September، 2015

26 civilians were killed and scores others were injured as the death toll from twin terrorist suicide bombings which rocked Hasaka city on Monday soared.

A source at the Hasaka Police Command told SANA’s correspondent that a suicide bomber driving a car rigged with explosives carried out the first bombing at Khashman neighborhood in the northern outskirts of the city, killing five and injuring 30, some of them women and children, and most of them sustained very severe injuries.

The source went on to say that about half an hour later, another suicide bomber, this one driving a tanker rigged with explosive, carried out the second bombing in al-Mahata neighborhood in the west of the city, claiming the lives of 12 people including a woman and her two children, and injuring 40 others.

A police source said later that the death toll from the bombing in al-Mahata neighborhood had climbed to 21 as the bodies of nine other martyrs were pulled from under the rubble.

The number of victims is poised to rise as many of the injured lie in critical condition, according to the source.

The source added that the two bombings also caused massive material damage to the sites of the attacks.

Medical source at the Hasaka Health Directorate said that most of the victims injured in the al-Mahatta bombing were women and children, and that three of them are in critical condition.

The Cabinet denounces the bombings

The Cabinet denounced the double attacks in Hasaka city.

Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi said in a statement that such acts won’t take away from the steadfastness of al-Hasaka locals who have proved unflinching support for the army in the war against terrorists, saying they are a “proof of bankruptcy” illustrating a state of desperation in the ranks of terrorist organizations.

Hazem Sabbagh

11 civilians injured in terrorist mortar attacks on Damascus and its countryside
14 September، 2015
Damascus, SANA

Eight civilians were injured due to a terrorist mortar attack on residential neighborhoods in Damascus.

A source at the Police Command said that a mortar shell landed in al-Sofania Park in Bab Touma neighborhood, injuring six civilians.

Two girls were injured when a shell fell in al-Adawi area, while material damage was caused to civilians’ properties asfour shells fell on al-Abbasyin, Barzeh and al-Tijara neighborhoods, the source added.

Meanwhile, three citizens were injured in a terrorist attack with a mortar shell on Maarouna village in Damascus Countryside.

A source at the Police Command said that terrorists of the so called “Jaish al-Islam” had fired a shell that landed on a garage in Maarouna village in al-Tal area.

Three citizens were injured in the attack and were rushed to al-Sayyida Hospital in Saidnaya town, the source added.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

Army kills terrorists, destroys their dens & vehicles in several areas
14 September، 2015

Units of the army and the armed forces on Monday continued to tighten the noose around Takfiri terrorist organizations across the country through launching wide-scale military operations against them in different areas, destroying their dens and weapons and killing scores of their members.

Damascus Countryside

The army air force destroyed dens and vehicles of the terrorist organizations in the surroundings of Douma city in the Eastern Ghota, Damascus countryside, a military source told SANA on Monday.

Army destroys a number of terrorists’ dens and vehicles in Eastern Ghota

The army air force also staged a number of airstrikes against dens and positions of terrorists from the so- called “Jaish al-Islam” in the surroundings of Douma City in the Eastern Ghota, Damascus Countryside.

A number of terrorists were killed in the strikes and others were injured and their dens were destroyed, in addition to destroying a number of their machinegun-equipped vehicles.

Meanwhile, the so-called “Jaish al-Islam” admitted on its pages on the social networking websites that a number of its members were killed including terrorist “Zuhair al-Salahi.”

Army destroys a 500 meter-long tunnel in al-Zabadani

Units of the army, in cooperation with the Lebanese Resistance, on Monday continued to carry out military operations against the remaining dens of the Takfiri terrorist organizations in al-Zabadani city, 45 km to the west of Damascus.

A military source told SANA that a unit of the army, in cooperation with the Lebanese Resistance, on Monday morning destroyed a 500 meter-long tunnel belonging to the terrorist organizations that extends between Madaya town and Madaya plain.

The source added that the tunnel had been equipped with lights and ventilation, and it is linked to a building near the highway to the west of Madaya town.

The tunnel was used by terrorists as a supply route for transporting arms, ammunition and food materials.


7 terrorists killed, 2 cars destroyed

Army units, in cooperation with popular Defense groups, targeted terrorist organizations’ den in al-Rawda village in the northern countryside of Lattakia province, killing 7 terrorists at least including five Chechen terrorists.

The army operations, according to the source, resulted in destroying two cars, one of them equipped with a machinegun and the other loaded with ammunition.

Terrorist organizations admitted on their social media Pages of suffering losses of number of their members.


15 ISIS terrorists killed in Palmyra countryside

Army units clashed with ISIS terrorists while they were attempting to infiltrate into the vicinity of a number of military checkpoints in al-Maqaleh area , 10 km to the west of Palmyra city in Homs province.

The aforementioned clashes resulted in killing and injuring 15 terrorists and destroying their vehicles.

The army’s operation led Scores of terrorists to escape towards the depth of the Syrian Badiya (desert).

Army kills scores of terrorists, destroys their hotbeds

Units of the army and armed forces carried precise operations against hotbeds of Jabhat al-Nusra and other Takfiri organizations in the neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad and Daraa al-Mahata neighborhoods in the southern city of Daraa.

A unit of the army killed scores of the terrorist organizations’ members and destroyed three of their cars in strikes conducted on Monday morning against their positions to the north of Bilal al- Habashi Mosque, in the surroundings of the Technical Institute, and to the south of the MTN building in Daraa al-Balad neighborhood.

A number of terrorists were killed and others were injured in an operation carried out by an army unit against dens and hotbeds of Takfiri organizations in the surroundings of Abdul-Aziz Abazaid Mosque, Zenobia School, al-Commandos building, al-Rawda, and the Electricity Company in Dara al-Mahata neighborhood.


Army units targeted gatherings and hideouts for ISIS terrorists in the vicinity of the Air Force Academy, Jeb Al-Safa village in Kueiress in Aleppo, killing a number of the terrorists and destroying their vehicles.

A number of Jabhat al-Nusra and the so called “al-Jabha al-Shamia” terrorists were killed and their bulldozer was destroyed in intensive army operations against their gatherings and movements’ axis in the surrounding of Bashkoi village, north of Aleppo city.

The army, Also, targeted terrorists’ gatherings and hotbeds in the villages of Jaboul, Qaseir al-Ward, Ein Sabel and Reman in the southeastern countryside of Aleppo province, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their vehicles, some of them equipped with machineguns.

Army units destroyed ammunition, arms depot and a number of vehicles for Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in al-Mansoura, Daret Ezza, Kafr Hamra city, west of Aleppo city.

In Aleppo city, many terrorists were killed and others were injured in the army operations in the neighborhoods of al-Rashedeen4, al-Lairamoun, Bani Zaid, Karm Meyaser, al-Sukkari and Qadi Askar.

The Army continued military operations in Tal al-Na’am, the area surrounding it, Tal al-Sabiha and Tal al-Faori to the east of Aleppo city, killing many terrorists, injuring many others and destroying their vehicles, some of them equipped with heavy machineguns.

Army units destroyed terrorists’ dens and eliminated a number of them in Tal Riman, Joad farm, Feedstuff institution, Tridm, al-Qarotia and al-Nasiria in Aleppo countryside.


Army’s artillery destroyed gatherings of ISIS terrorist organization in al- Meilbiyeh village and the cotton collecting center in the village, 15 km south of Hasaka, killing numbers of terrorists and injuring others.

A number of ISIS terrorists were killed and injured and their machinegun-equipped vehicle was destroyed in the artillery army operation on their gatherings in the villages of Soda and Abed , 15 km south west of Hasaka city


The army air force raided terrorists’ hideouts in al-Ziara, Tal Wassit, al-Hamidia, al-Qahira, al-Dukmak and al-Hawija in the northwest countryside of Hama, inflicting heavy losses on terrorists.

The Army’s airstrikes also targeted terrorists’ gatherings in al-Latamina town and in Skik and Atshan villages, killing many terrorists, injuring many others and destroying their vehicles.

Terrorist organizations acknowledged on their pages on social media sites the deathof 23 terrorists in the province.


The Army’s air force launched airstrikes against terrorists’ gatherings in Abu al-Dohour and al-Boidr in Saraqeb area in the southeast countryside of Idleb, killing many terrorists and destroying their vehicles.

The Army’s airstrikes also destroyed mortar launcher and artillery in Shalakh village and Taftanaz to the northeast of Idleb.

The airstrikes also caused the death of many terrorists, injuring many others and destroying their ammunition and weapons in Mhambal and Farika in Jisr al-Shughour in the southwest countryside of Idleb.

The raids on terrorists’ gatherings in Ma’arat al-Nu’man to the south of Idleb city left many terrorists killed and their weapons and ammo destroyed.

Source: Syria in the Last 24 Hours


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