China a useful ally in the fight against USA/israel induced terrorism

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China and Syria

by Thierry Meyssan
Although we don’t know the details of what was agreed between the Chinese and Syrian armies, the existence of an agreement between them has modified both the battle-field and the balance of international relations. Last year, the Anglo-Saxon secret services broadcast a number of hair-brained interpretations of this same subject – today, Thierry Meyssan gives a precise analysis of the important points.
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Although the visit to Syria by Admiral Guan Youfei (head of the new Chinese Office for International Military Cooperation) was made in the context of a meeting with all of the countries in the region, it has caused some anxiety in the West. For the moment, according to the signed agreement, the Chinese Army has simply agreed to train, in China, Syrian soldiers from the Medical Services. However, everyone understands that this agreement hides something else, since for the last four years…

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