Organizations Promoting Russophobia


Research institutes and centres that promote the continuation of the “cold war” with Russia.

Particularly important are two traits activities American analytical centers:

  • Many of them are connecting people to discuss various ideas relating to U.S. foreign policy. For these purposes involves representatives of different disciplines, academic, business and governmental circles, as from the presidential administration and from Congress. Such measures are intended not only to exchange information and develop new approaches. They are designed to provide support for its foreign policy and to the extent possible, to achieve consensus on the issues of the international agenda are of greatest importance to the United States of America.
  • American think tanks are an important source of talented employees for management and administration of the Congress. They also serve as a refuge for retiring government employees who want to continue to deal with foreign policy issues and enrich their research projects with its experience gained in the public service. Only a few people rise to the highest positions in the US government in foreign policy, not having previously using one or the other analytical center as employees or members of research groups.

Institute Kennan (Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies)

The Kennan Institute is the main analytical facility in the United States for Russia, funded by the state. Named in honor of the father and of the son, one of which is considered the”father of the Cold war,” and insisted on uncompromising struggle against the CIA with the Soviet Union and its people.

Chatham House

British analytical center in the field of international relations. In recent years, has been promoting democracy in the Western sense and support for color revolutions.

June 4, 2015 Chatham House has published the analytical report “Russian challenge” (eng. The Russian Challenge), which encourages the West to oppose the restoration of Russian influence in the former Soviet Union, to fight against “Russian propaganda” and prepare for “regime change” in Russia. As of 2016, the organization continues to produce materials of this kind, which contain calls for Western governments to deal with groups advocating for Russian world. [3]

Leading destructive activity in Russia organization

These structures are in fact analogues of intelligence and sabotage units. The difference lies in certain differences in methods and purposes. Is the same information gathering, recruitment Agnew of influence, sponsoring proryvnogo element. Instead of military sabotage against important military and civilian targets is the preparation and organization of the persons who at the right time can be the instigators of a mass anti-government protests that are actively involved in psycho-informational war against their own country, the accumulation of different kinds of potential collaborators, as a rule, Pro-Western and liberal orientation.

The United States Agency for international development

The terrorists feel comfortable in tents from USAID. [1]

The United States Agency for international development (USAID, U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID) is an independent Agency of the U.S. Federal government, which is responsible for non-military “aid” to other countries.

In Russia, in particular, USAID participated in the development of the current edition of the Constitution of the Russian Federation [1], which contains many harmful to the interests of Russia and the Russian people inserts.

The Agency also had a hand in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Tax Code of the Russian Federation and Land Code of the Russian Federation. [4]

In addition, for grants USAID reforms have been carried out and energy complex of the Russian Federation. [5]

In 2012, the Russian authorities informed the US about the need to end the activities of USAID in our country. [6]

As pointed out by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the big questions raised not only the intervention ofUSAID in political issues, suspicious activities of the Agency in the North Caucasus. [7]

The Agency worked with the U.S. military with a very strange qualification:

  • The head office in Moscow Charles North (a graduate of the national military Academy, where in 2004 he received a master’s degree in national security strategy).
  • Deputy Director for Europe and Eurasia, Douglas Menarchik (26 years of service in the air forces of the United States, 211 combat missions in Vietnam, an instructor at the school of special operations of the air force, military adviser to the President of the United States on terrorism and low-intensity conflict, he taught at the school of special operations to conduct counterinsurgency wars). [8]

Soros Foundation


In 2016, the unknown hackers (possibly Israeli) broke into the server of the Soros Foundation. From letters and documents, it became clear that almost all suspected George Soros earlier, turned out to be true:

  1. Soros used his human rights activities solely to cover up the dirty political machinations.
  2. One of the main goals of the Soros Foundation — struggle against Russia.
  3. Ukraine is directly controlled from the US.
  4. “Independent” Western media are sold, and for very modest sums [9]:
And the last one. The most interesting letters and documents is, of course, budgets for various events. For example, from one document on budgeting, operations for improving the image of post-Maidan Ukraine in the West, we know how much it costs to attract British newspaper the guardian to the positive coverage of the topic “Ukraine — one year after Maidan”. According to experts of the Soros Foundation, the editorial independence of the guardian costs about 100 thousand dollars and a dozen individual grants for journalists. It is not clear, it is British journalists such sleaze or Soros discount as a regular customer?

In Russia, the Fund has positioned itself as a charitable organization, however, his activities went far beyond the stated programs. For example, the Foundation conducted a two-year program in 33 schools in Russia, the results of which, together with its development went to the West 80% of the participated scientists.

Also Soros has been spotted in funding reports aimed at the legalization of drugs. [10].

National Endowment for Democracy[2]

Main article: national endowment for democracy

The national endowment for democracy (national Endowment for Democracy, NED) — associated with the CIA and financed by US the American Foundation established in 1983 by the U.S. Congress. Under the guise of “supporting democracy” is engaged in the promotion of US interests in the world, arranging colored revolutions, speaking out against anti-American governments and bringing to power Pro-American.

As reported on the official website of the Foundation, the national endowment for democracy funded opposition movement “Solidarity” in Poland, “Charter 77” in Czechoslovakia, “Otpor” in Serbia, and also participated in financing the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia and “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine — that is, the Fund participated in the financing of all the major color revolutions.[3]

Despite the status of non-governmental organizations, the budget of the Fund for the 95 % filled from the Treasury of the United States[4] One of the affiliated organizations of the Fund — the international Republican Institute — headed by a known anti-Russian statements of Senator John McCain (John McCain).

In 2014 NED was sent to support Russian non-profit organizations $9.3 million ($1.3 million more than the previous year). The Russian direction the Fund is headed by the father of the Vice-President NED Nadi Duke — a soldier of the Ukrainian insurgent army, Peter Duke.[11] In Russia, the Fund has supported several dozen organisations, in particular, the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alexeyeva, the movement “For human rights” Lev Ponomarev, and the Levada Center. [12]

In 2015 NED said in his reportthat issued grants played an important role at the initial stage of Euromaidan in Kyiv in 2013-2014. According to the released 2015 annual report of the Foundation, for 4 years (2011 to 2014) NED was sent to support the Ukrainian non-profit organizations $14 million, active role in the Maidan events played Institute of mass media, a part of NED. [13][14]

The Foundation also participates in the financing of Transparency International and other pseudo-democratic, Pro-American and anti-Russian organizationsorganizations that spetsializiruyutsya on the promotion of democracy in the American sense of the word (that is, how to ensure the passage of the power Pro-American forces).

The MacArthur Foundation[5]

Private “independent” organization with headquarters in the United States. In Russia engaged in “the development of effective mechanisms of protection of human rights“. [15]

Allocated money, in particular, to the Levada Center, various human rights activists, liberal economists, ecologists, denouncing the repression of the researchers of history of the USSR and similar figures. [16]


  • President for international programs, Barry Lowen Korunas (was the special assistant to the CIA Director, the Director of the analytical Department at the Council for national intelligence). [17]
  • The MacArthur Foundation is closing its branch in Moscow [18]

Jamestown Foundation[6]

The Foundation was established in 1984 by William Casey (then Director of the CIA). Are fanning separatism in the North Caucasus. [19]

The Moscow School of Civic Education [7]

Previously, The Moscow School Of Political Studies. Renamed on 14 August 2013 after a series of detailed articles about its activities and to avoid the proud title of “foreign agent”. Details of the organization: [20]

Was funded by USAID and IRI. The organization sponsoring the Russian officials and journalists, with the submission of the representatives of the Western intelligence community, sitting as its Board of Trustees. Lobbying for the creation of a network structure of its graduates. Has a closed component of their work (seminars in Russia and abroad “not for everyone”), was seen for countering the collection of information by journalists. Advances in the study areas by the insolvency of Russian federalism.

The Yegor Gaidar Foundation

Created by the activist organization receiving funding from foreign sources, including the Soros Foundation. Main line activities – full justification of insolvency of economic way of Russia in the XX century, the promotion of human rights defenders denouncing the repression in the Soviet Union, liberal economists that justify market fundamentalism. Understatement and silence of the achievements of the Soviet Union and the justification of economic catastrophe, arranged by Gaidar and his reform team.

Citizenship. Bulletin of the civil society [8]

Magazine, positioning itself as an educational, exploring the ways and methods of formation of civil society. In fact, the main activity is the study and promotion of “democratic” reforms aimed at changes in economic, political, educational and cultural spheres in the interests of Western countries and the destruction of Russian civilization as a flawed and degenerate, the actual relegation of citizens seeking to preserve their own identity within the framework of the Russian language, to the level of subhumans. Takes anti-Russian stance in the political and economic spheres.

American Foundation of the World [9]

The organization is engaged in studies of democracy and produces the index of fragile States. In the first place in 2014 — South Sudan. At last Finland 178. Russia 85. Ukraine 113. USA 159. According to the rating, Ukraine has a great chance to catch up with Malaysia, which is located at 117 place…

The Center for Strategic and International Studies

The center for strategic and international studies – was founded to provide world leaders with analytical information during strategic decision-making on global issues. The special features of the Center include, first, the topics of his research – the whole range of challenges to national and international security, and secondly, the availability of local experts-researchers in all regions of the world, thirdly, a special emphasis on the development of new management methods for the era of globalization, and fourth, program on technology, public policy, international trade, Finance and energy [10].

The Institute of American Entrepreneurship

The Institute of American business – was formed in Washington in 1943, and is today one of the largest and most respected “think tanks” in America. The main task of the Institute is to represent the interests of business, transformed into a mission of preserving and strengthening the foundations of freedom, restriction of government intervention in the economy, private enterprise, vital cultural and political institutions, and a strong foreign policy and national defense through scholarly research, open debate, and publications[11].

The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation – established in 1973 to conduct scientific studies to promote the US government, the media and scientific organizations, adheres to the philosophy of the free market, limited government intervention in society and the maximum of individual freedom. The Fund is not affiliated with any party, but we know that he takes a conservative approach to socio-political problems. All research and analytical work performed by the Foundation, distributed free of charge among members of Congress and state officials occupying key positions in the Executive branch. Currently, the headquarters of the Fund in Washington 150 employees and its budget exceeds $ 20 million [12]..

The Fund of struggle against corruption Navalny

A commercial organization, created by Alexey Navalny in 2011. The Fund systematically engaged in undermining the constitutional order of Russia, promoting the color revolutions, the spread of Russophobia and discredit the patriots.

The“Human Rights” Organizations


Various kinds of organization and political structures, which under the guise of fighting for human rights in Russia support non-system opposition, are trying to organize in Russia a coup or actively promoting russophobian ideas in Russia and abroad.

Freedom House

Court American organization for the study of “freedoms”. Founded in 1941. The declared aims — monitoring of “democratic changes” in the world, “democracy support” and “protection of democracy and human rights” in the world.

80 % funded by the United States, in particular, National endowment for democracy. The Board of Trustees were: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz.

Participated in the organization of coups: in particular, in Kyrgyzstan (“Tulip Revolution”).

According to the Freedom House rating, in Russia there is no freedom of speech. [21]

From the report it follows that our government is, strictly controls the Internet, and a single independent journalists are trying to blame the government alleged are subject to severe criminal prosecution.

in 2014, Freedom House released a report about the ranking of democracy in 29 countries of Eurasia as the “Countries in transition 2014: Eurasia breaks away from democracy” [22].

The report notes that the level of democracy in a number of countries is reduced and that to blame Russia.

Reporters Without Borders

The French organization, which is funded by the Americans. Invariably cries about the lack of press freedom in Russia. In 2013, Russia ranked according to their ranking 148 th place on freedom, below Colombia, where local tradition is the killing of bloggers and journalists. [23]

Interestingly, while the Americans organized an armed coup in Chile (project FUBELT) in the bombing of the radio stations killed about 200 people. During the air raids on Yugoslavia with aircraft , NATO was dealt a missile attack on the state broadcaster RTS, which killed 16 people. These deaths, “reporters without borders” does not mention and does not take into account.

Many interesting things on this organization is contained in Wikipedia, under “Criticism”. [24]

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)

The parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe said that Russia is one of the most backward from the point of view of observance of human rights countries.[25]

According to the report of Europeans, our main crimes is the oppression of homosexuals and the victory over Georgia in the 2008 war.

PACE also adopted the famous resolution 1481 “About condemnation of crimes of totalitarian Communist regimes”, which contains the denigration of Russian history.[13]

In April 2000, after the anti-terrorist action in Chechnya, Russia was deprived of voting rights. In 2009, after a five-day war attempt to suspend the voting rights of Russia failed. In April 2014, after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia Russia in PACE was deprived of the right to vote and excluded from all governing bodies. In response, Russian MPs demonstratively left Strasbourg and missed the summer and the autumn session of the PACE. In January 2015, PACE decided to extend sanctions against the Russian delegation until April 2015 to deprive her of the right to vote and participate in governing bodies of the Assembly. In response, Russia leaves the PACE until the end of the year. The decision on Russia’s membership in the Council of Europe will be adopted at the end of the year.[26]

Human Rights Watch (human rights watch)

Non-governmental organization that actively supports the non-systemic opposition in Russia and outraged the true and false “violations of human rights” in Russia. The declared goal of the monitoring, investigation and documentation of violations of human rights.

Funding — private donations, mostly American. For example, 3 billion rubles allocated by George Soros.

In 2013, the report on human rights, HRW said the situation in Russia is “the worst in recent history” of the country. [27]

In 2012, HRW has interfered in the election process in Russia: “the announcement in September that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will run for President in 2012 led most analysts to believe that his election is a foregone conclusion, and that it casts a shadow on the prospects for much-needed political reform.”

Amnesty International (Amnesty international)

English NGO, founded in London by lawyer Peter Benenson. Led dissident activities in the USSR. Although this organization operates worldwide, often in her reports appeared Turkey, USSR/Russia and China. Positioning itself as an organization which protects human rights. Was convicted of fraud during the outbreak of the war in Iraq.

Currently, Amnesty Internetional PR belolentochnoe movement in Russia. On the website AI is collecting signatures in support of Khodorkovsky, Pussy Riot and the “Bolotnaya prisoners“.

High-profile cases:

  • 2002 — Prize Global Award for Human Rights Journalism, Anna Politkovskaya.
  • 2012 — the campaign against the adoption of the Russian law banning propaganda of homosexuality among minors.
  • 2015 — Amnesty International Report on alleged victims of the attacks of the Russian HQs civilians of Syria. In response Minoborony of the Russian Federation pointed out that the whole report is based on assumptions that it could be Russian kicks (these assumptions somehow become unconditional approval in the media to refer to the report) that all the data this report, obtained remotely on the basis of telephone interviews with “so-called local human rights activists”.[28][29]Also, the defense Ministry drew attention that “the current batch of lies appeared immediately after applying 18 Dec bomber of the U.S. strike on Iraqi soldiers in Fallujah district, killing and wounding more than 50 people”. The last time the accusations against Russia were made after the United States bombed a power station, leaving the power to Aleppo, and then bombed a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, where 42 people died. Also, the defense Ministry said: “it is Strange that Amnesty International does not pay attention to who and what war crimes committed in Syria before the arrival of the Russian group.” Finally, the defense asked why the Amnesty International talked about the use by Russia of cluster munitions, which are completely absent on the base Hamim, however, at the time the organization remained silent and have not noticed a real neoproverjimo material evidence of the use of cluster munitions in the Donbas APU.[30]

Fund them. Heinrich Böll

The main direction — the promotion of sodomy (V. h. targeted to minors). Additionally concerned with the distortion of Russian history.

Association “the Voice”

Received money from USAID. Executive Director of “the Voice” Lilia Shibanova noted that American taxpayers ‘ money they have prepared for several years of 15 thousand observers. [31]

In 2012, after the law on Foreign agents, the Voice fired 50 employees. [32]

Also in 2012, the CEC accused the Association “Golos” a deliberate fraud “violations” in the elections. For example, the Association distributed information about the mass abuse with absentee ballots in the Vladimir region, while in this region an absentee ballot legislation does not provide.[33]

In 2013 “the Voice” was fined for refusing to register as a foreign agent. The court considered political activities the development of the draft Election code of Russia, which “the Voice” were trying to promote in 2011. [34]

In LJ there is a community Livejournal community icon.gif pro-golos, which houses a variety of dirt on the organization.

Organization “memorial”

Formed in 1991, the organization that investigates political repression in the USSR, in subsequent years expanded their functions to the protection of human rights in the area of the mass conflicts. Receives extensive funding from foreign sources, including the Soros Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the U.S. Agency for International development, national endowment for democracy, USA. Systematically presents the history of the Soviet Union as an unbroken chain of political repression has been creating negative public opinion about the events.

Financial institutions


Rating agencies Moody’s and Fitch

Main article: Rating agencies

The components of the credit ratings of companies and States agencies Moody’s and Fitch are considered to be international, but are of American origin, why constantly trying to help US and understate the rating competitors of America. So, despite the huge level of US debt (according to the size of the us debt exceeds GDP), these two agencies constantly put US the highest rating. The rating of Russia, on the contrary, is seriously underestimated, despite the fact that Russia has very low external debt and huge foreign exchange reserves.

Media and Web Portals

Cm. Blacken Russia organization

Military structure

Community activists, professionally acceptable anti-Russian actions.

Pussy Riot

Main article: Pussy Riot

“Music group”, notorious for the Orgy in the Temple of Christ the Savior, after which Russia has sharply escalated the religious strife.


Funded by the French [35] Ukrainian feminist organization that regularly holds against Russia and Orthodoxy, but also against other religions, stocks around the world.

m. also



  1. Quote from the website of USAID: “USAID-funded Rule of Law implementers helped draft the Russian Constitution, Part I of the Russian Civil Code and the Russian Tax Code”.
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