RE: Donald Trump’s Proposed ‘Muslim Registry’

RE: Donald Trump’s Proposed ‘Muslim Registry’

RE: Donald Trump’s Proposed ‘Muslim Registry’

People in this world are trying to say that they hate Donald Trump for various reasons — perhaps because of his policies or lifestyle. Muslims in particular hate him because he wants to ban all Muslims.

Donald Trump has introduced a proposal according to which every Muslim has to register himself/herself, and all their details; [they have tell the government] the type of Islam they belong to, their activities and belief system.

I would like to tell the world how I see this.

If Donald Trump wants to ban all Muslims, he can only be blamed partly for this stance. Muslims have made their presence a matter of concern due to the way they carry themselves today, the way they have distorted the image of their religion and the way a majority of Muslims follow the ideology of Salafism/Wahhabism.

Nobody, anywhere in the Western world, ever proposed to ban Muslims from entering into their countries. It is the Muslims who are bringing this calamity upon themselves.

There are good and bad Muslims, but the bad Muslims are making their presence felt and this is generating a sense of Islamophobia all over the world.

Islamophobia is not a result of some white man imagining if such a thing exists.

Islamophobia is the result of Islamic extremism.

For many other reasons I do not like Donald Trump, however if he wants to ban all Muslims from entering into his country and wants Muslims to register, I don’t blame him. Somehow or other, one has to do this — if not today maybe tomorrow.

Don’t take it as an act of hatred; take it as a precautionary step from a President of the superpower country of the world.

We have to adopt a realistic approach towards the world policy. Some factions within every country that come from the ideological think tank have begun to worry about this sudden, abrupt rise in white nationalism.

However, let me tell you how I see it. I was born in Karachi, Pakistan. There, in 1986, a political party was created upon the basis of linguistic identity: Mahajir Qoumi Movement (MQM). Their slogan every time they would open their mouths would be, ‘Long live the Mahajirs (native Urdu-speakers).’ This gave rise to a Punjabi population in Karachi. The Punjabis also founded a political party and used to take pride in being Punjabi; but this was the result of the Mahajir slogan.

Similarly, if in every developed Western country like the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, etcetera, there are terrorist atrocities being committed by Muslims extremists. Not only this, but also white youth is being indoctrinated into this evil movement of Islamic extremism. This is stirring up the emotions of white nationalists. In their defence they are now becoming increasingly conservative; maybe even ultra-conservative. This attitude may turn into nationalism at some point.

If good Muslims keep slipping into their comfort zone and do not come out to practically and publicly denounce extremism, the chances are that this world will turn into hell. We have to promote love, peace and true understanding of the current events. What is going on in the world is a result of what has happened already in the world.

I want to tell the truth. I cannot be a party, especially for the wrong reasons. I have to say the truth because I represent the truth.

This was a transcript of Younus AlGohar’s speech. It was originally posted on his Medium page.


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