Want to watch some bad foreign policy analysis on Syria and Aleppo?


Dana Perino from Fox News “The Five” reacts, on The Kelly File, to the liberation of Aleppo, and Obama’s Syria strategy.

Perino comes out in full support of Samantha Power’s “humanitarian war” on Syria, which is in fact support for Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Does Dana Perino support Al Qaeda? Does the ‘The Kelly File’ and Fox News support Al Qaeda?

It sure sounds like it. Both commentators are upset that Assad, Russia, and Iran have defeated Al Qaeda and ISIS in Aleppo.

Dana Perino, who coincidentally was Bush’s Press Secretary from September 14, 2007 to January 20, 2009, agrees with Power’s UN speech, noting that “there is nothing that can shame them”…referring to Russia, and its help in defeating Al Qaeda and ISIS in Aleppo.

The shame falls squarely on Dana Perino, The Kelly File and Fox News for reporting more “fake news” that comes out in support of Al Qaeda and ISIS “moderate rebels”, who invaded Syria with the ultimate goal of removing a secular, sovereign government and replacing it with a Wahhabi, Sharia law theocracy.

Perhaps Perino needs to spend a few years in Saudi Arabia to recognize what “shame’ really means.

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