Brexit For Tanks? The EU and The Working Class


Rage Against Capital

brexit for tanks

So called “Brexit” refers to the exit of Britain from the EU, a united coalition of European countries that was formed after WW2.  Many of the exponents of “Brexit” tend to be British Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, Fascists, or just simple racist reactionaries (e.g. UK Independence Party). It’s a wonder then why any leftist groups would support “Brexit” given it’s association with heavily reactionary groups and movements. However, CPGB-ML has an answer to that..or at least they think they do.

If you are not familiar with the CPGB-ML, they are a Marxist-Leninist split from the SLP. The party was created in 2004 when Arthur Scargill refused to support the North Korean government and ejected many members from the Yorkshire committee. Said members along with former members of the CPGB formed the CPGB-ML. The party is most known for defending Stalinist Party States and figures such as Mao and Stalin. Most of their…

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