CNN learned about the “mediators” between the Kremlin and WikiLeaks

CNN learned about the “mediators” between the Kremlin and WikiLeaks

American authorities were able to identify the mediators from Russia, who allegedly gave WikiLeaks the stolen emails of the democratic party of the United States, according to CNN. Earlier, The Washington Post wrote that these people were “step away from the government,” the article reads RBC.

Yesterday, the security services submitted a report to the barracks .

US intelligence has established which of the citizens of Russia gave WikiLeaks thousands of stolen emails from the headquarters of the US Democratic party during the presidential race of 2016. About it reports CNN, citing us officials familiar with classified intelligence report.

This channel does not the names of the Russians who, in the opinion of the authorities can be involved in the intervention in the elections. The Washington Post, citing us officials in December 2016, wrote about the existence of certain intermediaries, which could provide WikiLeaks the emails of staff of former democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to the publication, these people were “step away from the government”. This newspaper is not so strongly stressed that there is no evidence that the Kremlin was in charge of the impact on the presidential election.

All this crap the US President-elect Donald trump said that in all these reports there is no evidence of “guilt” of Russia in the leak data the Democratic party. He even doubts whether the cyber attack on the democratic party.

“Who gave the right NBC’s “exclusive access to top-secret report, which was presented to Obama? Who gave them this report and why? Politics!”, said trump on Twitter.

According to trump, national Committee Democratic party did not give the FBI to examine computers after a hacker attack perpetrated by the Russians.

“Why do they believe in hacking, even if never called to check computer servers? What’s going on?” — surprised the newly elected American President.

Vice President Joe Biden said that the US response to the Russian cyber attacks hidden, HIDDEN, Carl)))

“When the question over a month ago was whether we will respond to hacker attacks, I said we’ll do it when [and how] we choose. Something that we did, you know, something-no. And we did both,” said Biden.

Thus the question about whether the public learns about the secret actions of the US Vice-President said: “I Hope not”.

US intelligence worker Saddam Hussein 

The backstory is known, but the rules need to remind you:

Earlier, U.S. President Barack Obama received a report which refers to alleged Russian interference in presidential elections. The report was prepared by the Ministry of homeland security and national intelligence. It says that the US authorities are “confident” of foreign intervention in elections, including in Russia hacking mail of the democratic party. National intelligence believes that Moscow’s actions helped Donald Trump to win the election.

The scandal surrounding the hacking of documents members of the democratic party broke out in the summer of 2016. The first cyber attack was aimed at the national Committee of the Democratic party. After that, WikiLeaks has published letters and documents related to Hillary Clinton. The next attack was a fundraising Committee that supports candidates for the U.S. Congress from Democrats and campaign headquarters Clinton.

In response to alleged Russian interference in the election race, the US government imposed sanctions that affected 35 Russian diplomats, as well as the FSB and GRU. Moscow has repeatedly denied influencing the course of the presidential campaign.



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