Trump is ready to give Ukraine into the hands of Putin for China — Financial Times

26.01.2017 –
During his election campaign, Donald trump has repeatedly threatened to “make America great again”, but now he will have to make big concessions to keep their promises.

This writes the Financial Times.

How to make America great?

The President of the United States in his speeches often addressed the theme of “disadvantaged” American workers, stressing that his coming will change this situation: jobs are returned, and American products in the U.S. will become relevant again. And the easiest way to achieve this through a network of international relations, especially through China.

Trump has many times allowed myself to aggressive rhetoric towards Beijing, including the promise to “nail him to the wall.” It is obvious that the new US President will be able to raise the standard of living of the working class only due to the weakening of the Chinese side. However, China is not a simple task. The economic and political capacity of Beijing has a huge impact worldwide. And the pressure on independent us market Mexico is not the best option of dealing with China.

Russia as a friend

The publication notes that Trump will need allies for the good old plan of “divide and conquer”. For this he needs only Russia who lives with China, side by side. Friendship with Russia would Trump not only the dividends in the struggle against Beijing, but also additional support in improving relations with Iran and Iraq.

But Moscow is in no hurry to go to such unions, especially when the country is already the third year, suffering from sanctions and presidential elections are nearing. Vladimir Putin certainly will not need such a foreign policy change if he wants to once again lead the country.

Ukraine as a gift

In this case, Ukraine to the trump is the perfect “gift” for the sake of friendship with the Kremlin. The administration trump may even recognize the annexation of Crimea and allow Putin to get what he wants, in the Donbass, Moldova and the Baltic States. Moreover, the concessions, the new President can go in the Syrian issue.

Such a generous offer, however, still puzzled Putin, because then he would have to “betray” the Alliance with China, which has three years to support Russia in the sanctions issues.

“Putin will have to make a decision knowing that whatever friend he choose, the other will immediately try to do everything to complicate his life,” concluded the article.

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