Ukrainian forces launched more than 211 tank shells and mortar rounds onto Donetsk 12-30-17

Donetsk Defense TV News Report, 30.1.2017

Published on 31 Jan 2017
The situation in republic on Monday has got much tenser, and not just on the contact line. Since the last evening, and up to now, the shelling through all the directions won’t stop. Ukrainian forces launched more than 211 tank shells and mortar rounds onto Donetsk, Makeevka, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya outskirts and the south of the DPR.According to the DPR Operational Command the Ukrainian positions launched onto the Republic several hundreds of IFV and mortar shells. Anti-aircraft guns, large calibre machine gusn and small arms were also used.

Vladimir Bednyak will cast light upon the situation in Makeevka frontline district.

“This is how Ukrainian truce looks like. On January 29, since the early morning the fight on the Makeevka outskirts has begun and here’s the result. On the Chekalova street the house № 20 was hit. The house was destroyed completely and can’t be repaired. According to the experts, the heavy artillery prohibited by Minsk accords was used. The explosion was so powerful that metal fence and parts of the hose walls appeared on the tree branches. Fortunately, the hosts of the house were out. According to the neighbours, they have gone at 2014,” said the corrsepondent Bednyak.

“I live in the house nearby the damaged building. I don’t know what it was. It started at 6 o’clock in the morning, they were shooting and woke us up at 10 by the direct hit in the neighbourhood. Yesterday I came home from the business trip, was repairing Lugansk and they wished us “Good morning” in that way,” said Sergey, the citizen of Chapaevskye district.

“The direct hit of the house took place 4 hours ago. I heard two or three hits, I was in the yard, than got to the basement. And God saved me. The pieces of the shells damaged my car, broke windows and damaged the roof,” said Sergey Mironrnko, another citizen of Chapaevskye district.

At the Chastopolskaya street the direct hits were also recorded. As a result of the direct hit, houses 9 and 10 were damaged. Apart from it the fight still goes on. Several minutes ago we’ve heard the sound of a hit approximately in two kilometres from here.

All day long the explosions were violating the silence and the village inhabitants are scared, if not shocked.

“The child was frightened, I ran to him and hided him in my arms. The child is 2,5 years old. Nobody knows what it was…. And then as I got out on the street, the yard was cowered with ground and there was that funnel and there is a bigger funnel on the next street. Nobody knows what it was,” said one of the citizens.

Over the 24 hours, the enemy shelled the Republic territory more than 1,000 times. According to the DPR Defence ministry, the situation got much worse. For 24 hours almost all the DPR frontline settlements including Yasinovataya, Gorlovka, Zaitsevo, Dokuchaevsk and others were shelled.

DONi News Agency / UNION TV


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