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Atmospheric weapons

Atmospheric weapons based on the use of means of influence on the processes occurring in the gaseous shell of the Earth. It is divided into weather, climate, ozone and magnetosphere.

The most studied and proven meteorological weapons, which, unlike the climate, much more locally and short term. Provoking rains, the formation of floods and flooding of territories in order to obstruct the movement of troops and heavy equipment, dissipation of clouds in the area of the bombing to ensure the aiming point goals – here is a typical use of weather weapons. To dissipate the cloud, causing heavy rainfall and floods on the area of several thousand square kilometers is sufficient to dissipate about a hundred pounds of silver iodide and lead iodide. For Cumulus clouds in an unstable state – a few pounds of silver iodide.

Another area of meteorological weapon – change the transparency of the atmosphere in the area of operations. Bad weather is often used for covert concentration of power or a sudden blow to another, unexpected enemy. For high-precision weapons, the main obstacle is smoke, fog and precipitation. Underestimation of cloud cover has led to the fact that during the operation “desert Storm” (Persian Gulf 1990-1991), the effectiveness of aerial bombs with laser direction instead of the expected 90% were 41-60%. Instead of the principle “one target – one bomb” for one purpose was used 3-4 munition.. Particular importance to the transparency of the air is in the case of the use of weapons of mass destruction: light emission at the time of a nuclear explosion can be reduced by 40-60% if the area of the intended purpose is supported by poor visibility. Thus, the spray mist substances may become in the future one of the defense events

Civil technology use of meteorological weapon widely from protivoglistnoe service to “disperse” the clouds during the Olympic games and football matches.

Climatic weapons designed for breaking weather processes in the territory of an enemy country. The result can be changes in temperature, the occurrence of hurricane winds, changing rainfall and more over the last fifty years developed a variety of mechanisms impact on the environment, and their effect is complex.

The purpose of the application of climate weapons will be a reduction in agricultural production of the enemy, the deterioration of the food supply of the population, the failure of economic programs and, as a result, can be achieved by political and economic changes without resorting to traditional warfare. Climatic weapons would be the lead in the implementation of large-scale wars over fertile territory, predicted by the futurists. In this case, the existence of the “Golden billion” will be achieved due to the massive population losses of large regions.

The development of various means of climate forcing was most intense during the cold war, and the strategy for the use of climate weapons against the Soviet Union seriously considered the USA in the 70s. Revealing a CIA report, “Potential implications of trends in world population, food production and climate” 1975. The report said that man-made climate change in the USSR, China and some underdeveloped countries “will give US a degree of power, which hitherto they never had”. One of the peculiarities of the climatic weapon is that, ceteris paribus, two countries that impose it, loses to a country with less climate-soil potential may therefore, climatic weapons against the USSR or against the United States and was not applied.

The first testing ground for climate weapons became Indochina. Then, during the operation “Spinach” during the Vietnam war the United States experienced a vast array of weapons that affect the environment. Characteristically, this operation was a multi-step, well-planned, was carried out in secrecy, which is not completely removed until today. The first stage was characterized by the massive use of means of destruction of vegetation and the damaging of the impact on animal and human health. The second phase was changed weather conditions – the US air force and the CIA, according to official data in the period 1963-1972 years in Indochina held 2658 operations to initiate precipitation. At the third stage produced a change in the lithosphere and hydrosphere were initiated by large fires.

Technology climate weapons varied, but the main – the creation of geoacoustics waves, changes in the ionic composition of the atmosphere introduction to the atmosphere and hydrosphere of specific chemical substances.

For example, reducing the amount of precipitation is applied on the water surface substances inhibiting the evaporation and the formation of Cumulus clouds. In this respect, a very sensitive European part of Russia and Ukraine as the fourth part of the coming heat accounts for a relatively small area in the Northern part of the Atlantic ocean. Impact on the formation of a cloud array in the area, or dehydration can lead to prolonged drought.

Spraying in the upper atmosphere of substances which absorb sunlight (and thereby cause a decrease in temperature of the Earth’s surface) or absorb heat emitted by Earth (and will cause heating of the surface) will allow the global temperature change. Lowering the average temperature by only 1 degree in the mid-latitudes will be disastrous, as it produces the bulk of the grain. A decrease of 4-5 degrees – will lead to a gradual glaciation of the entire surface of the ocean, with the exception of the Equatorial region and the dryness of the atmosphere will be so large that the cultivation of cereals on nevladinih territories cannot be considered. However, it is possible that in the future, lowering the temperature of the atmosphere by the scattering of chemical compounds will be used as a means of combating the greenhouse effect, such projects are being developed, although a panacea, of course, can not be.

Ozone weapon is a set of tools Deplete the layer of ozone over selected areas of the territory of the enemy. Through the formed ozone hole penetrates hard ultraviolet radiation of the sun with a wavelength of about 3 µm. The first result of the effects of these weapons will be reduced productivity of animals and crop plants. Later, a violation of the processes in the ozonosphere will lead to a decrease in average temperatures and increase humidity, which is extremely dangerous for critical regions of agriculture. The complete destruction of the ozone layer, deadly to all living things.

Magnetospheric (ionospheric) weapons

The magnetosphere

The existence of earth’s magnetic field due to sources inside the earth and near-earth space. Distinguish a primary (caused by mechanical-electromagnetic processes in the outer layer of the Earth’s core), abnormal (related to the magnetization of rocks of the earth’s crust) and outer earth’s magnetic field (due to electric currents that exist in near-earth space and induced in the Earth’s mantle). The earth’s magnetic field is approximately uniform up to a distance of about three earth radii and is 7 A/m (0, 70 e) at the magnetic poles of the Earth and 33, 4 A/m (0, 42 e) at the magnetic equator. In near space the earth’s magnetic field forms the magnetosphere, the physical properties of which are determined by the interaction of the magnetic field and the flow of charged particles of cosmic origin.

The magnetosphere of the Earth from the daylight side extends to 8 to 14 earth radii, with the night – extended, forming a magnetic tail of the Earth in a few hundred radii. In the magnetosphere are the radiation belts (also called van Allen belts), the inner region of the magnetosphere where the magnetic field of the planet keeps the charged particles having high kinetic energy. In the radiation belts particles in the magnetic field move in complex trajectories from Northern hemisphere in southern and back. The van Allen belts were discovered by American satellite Explorer 1 in 1958. Originally there were two van Allen belt – lower, at a height of about 7 thousand km, the traffic intensity of protons which is 20 thousand particles with an energy of about 30МэВ per second per square centimeter, and the maximum electron energy 1МэВ – 100 million per second per square centimeter; the outer belt is located at a height of 51.5 thousand km, the average energy of its particles of the order of 1МэВ. The flux density of particles in the belts depends on solar activity and time of day.

The outer boundary of the magnetosphere and the upper limit of the ionospheric region of the atmosphere where under the influence of radiation ionization of air are the same. In addition, the ozone layer is part of the ionosphere. By influencing the ionosphere and the magnetosphere can cause damage to manpower, disruption of radio communications, the destruction of enemy equipment, changes in the wind and catastrophic weather events.


In 1914, Nikola Tesla received a patent for “Apparatus for transmitting electrical energy”, which the journalists dubbed “death rays”. Tesla himself claimed that his invention can be used to destroy enemy aircraft. The invention Nikolo Tesla was forgotten exactly 80 years until, in 1994, the year has not started the construction of a HARP.

The project “Argus” (1958) was performed in order to study the effect of high-altitude nuclear explosions on the transmission of radio signals and geomagnetic field. Between August and September 1958, the U.S. air force has conducted three nuclear bombs 480 km above the South Atlantic ocean, in the lower van Allen belt. Later, two hydrogen bombs were detonated 160 km over Johnston island in the Pacific ocean. The explosion was unexpected – there was a new (internal) radiation belt covering almost the whole Earth. In the framework of the project “Argus” was planned to create a “telecommunications shield” to eliminate the effect on telecommunications of magnetic storms. This shield had to be created in the ionosphere at an altitude of 3 thousand km and consist of 350,000 million copper needles, each 2-4cm long (total weight 16 kg), which form a belt толщиной10 and a width of 40 km, while the needle was placed at a distance of 100 m from each other. This plan was heavily criticised by the International Union of Astronomers, and in the end was not implemented.

The project “Starfish” (1962) changed the shape and intensity of the van Allen belt. In the framework of this project, there were two explosion – odnorotornyj at an altitude of 60 km and odnomestniy – at an altitude of several hundred kilometers. The first explosion sounded on 9 July 1962, and July 19, NASA announced that it has formed a new high-rise waist, the length from the height of 400 km to 1600 km, and it represents a continuation (elongation) of the lower van Allen belt. This belt is much wider than the one that was created the Project “Argus”. Such a planetary experiment in 1962, the Soviet Union had, creating three new radiation belts between 7 and 13 thousand km above the surface. The flow of electrons in the lower van Allen belt have changed in 1962 and never came back to its original state.

“Solar energy” – a project of satellite solar power stations was proposed to Congress in 1968. In geostationary orbit, at an altitude of 40 thousand km was proposed to place 60 satellites that were using solar panels (the size of Manhattan island), absorb solar radiation and transmit by microwave beams to ground receiving antenna. The project was absolutely fantastic and economically feasible, but was a development of Tesla’s ideas – the same wireless transmission of energy, and arrays of receiving antennas, the area of which was estimated of about 145 square km, and on whose territory the excluded accommodation of all people and animals, reminiscent of the antenna field of HARP and Sura, which will be discussed below. Satellite power station was to be brought to the orbit within 30 years, the cost of the project ranged from 500 to 800 thousand million (in 1968 dollars, the year), and had to provide 10% of needs of States in energy. The cost of the project was 2 to 3 times more than the entire budget of the Ministry of energy and the project cost of electricity has been about the cost of most conventional energy sources.

The military role of satellite “plants” have been discussed only since 1978 (despite the fact that no one questioned the authorship of the Pentagon on this project). Satellite power station was to be equipped with laser weapons and weapons the electron beams intended to destroy enemy missiles. Not directed at the antenna, and to aim a microwave beam, was to cause ignition of combustible materials. Operated microwave beams could provide the conduct of hostilities in all areas, regardless of the supply. Satellite platforms planned to be used for communication with submarines and for creating interference for the enemy.

In General, the military application of the project “Solar energy” was seen by many as a universal weapon, among others – President Carter approved the project and gave it a stroke, despite the numerous critical reviews. The project of satellite power plants, the US Congress rejected – because of exorbitant cost.

A new phase of experiments with the ionosphere 1975 – 1981, began with an unfortunate accident – due to a problem at an altitude of about 300 km in 1975 burned down the rocket Saturn 5. The rocket explosion has created an “ionospheric hole” over the area with a radius of a thousand kilometers more than 60% decrease in the number of electrons over the Atlantic ocean was interrupted all telecommunications, there was a glow of the atmosphere at the wavelength of 6300А. The resulting phenomenon was caused by the reaction between the gases formed during the explosion and ionospheric oxygen ions.

In 1981, the space Shuttle, flying over a network of five surface observatories injected into the atmosphere gases from the system orbital maneuvering. Thus over Millstone (CT), Arecibo (Puerto Rico), Robertallen(Quebec), Kailasam (Marshall Islands) and Hobart (TAS) was initiated by the ionospheric hole.

Increased use of gas systems orbital maneuvering (SOM) shuttles for violations of local concentration of plasma began in 1985. Thus, the 47-second combustion of SOM July 29, 1985, the year has created the largest and most long-lived ionospheric hole, and 6-second dropping to about 830 kg of exhaust into the ionosphere at sunrise at a height of 68 miles above the Connecticut Augusta in 1985, the year established, the Northern lights, covering more than 400 thousand sq. km.

Since 1968 and until today, in 50 km from the city of Fairbanks, Alaska, under contract with NASA runs a research center Poker flat (Poker Flat). Only in 1994-m to year it has organised 250 launches missiles stuffed with various chemical reagents in order to “understand chemical reactions in the atmosphere associated with global climate change”. In 1980, the year Brian Vilans in the “project Waterloo” destroyed the Northern lights, causing a temporary stop. In February 1983, the year over Canada was launched two rockets black Brant X and two rocket Nike Orion, which at high altitudes released barium and created artificial clouds. These clouds were observed up to Los Alamos in new Mexico.

From Poker flat to launch series of missiles “to study space weather” (in other words, the impact on the ionosphere), and to create glowing clouds. These clouds were visible 2 -20 July 1997. on the vast territory. Trimethylaluminium were taken on height from 69 to 151 km, and later dissipated in the upper atmosphere.

Geoacoustics wave

In the upper atmosphere of the Earth there are waves of large amplitude is of the order of tens or hundreds of kilometers, and their interference forms a complex quasi-periodic structure, spatial period, which can be much less. Presumably, they arise because of reactions of dissociation, which “rocking” of acoustic-gravity waves in the atmosphere. So, as a result of reversible cycle of the formation of atomic oxygen atmosphere receives energy order energy ultraviolet photons. This cycle provides heating of the atmosphere at altitudes of 100km.

In the 60-ies of nonequilibrium processes in plasma, it seemed, could give the key to the realization of controlled thermonuclear fusion, it turned out that the sound passing through non-equilibrium environment, releases the contained energy. It soon became clear that in the laboratory to conduct an experiment is almost impossible – the required was extremely high the degree of deviation from the medium from equilibrium, in which an invalid transfer chemical reaction in the explosive regime. Conditions are perfect to answer some of the layers of earth’s atmosphere.

Geoacoustics waves occur when the sound in the gaseous medium reaches a maximum (non-linear) amplification, and the nonequilibrium nature of the environment is provided directly by chemical reactions. The energy stored in natural geoacoustics the waves are huge, at the same time, it’s quite easy to release – using sputtered at a certain height chemical catalysts. Another way – excitation in the ionosphere to internal gravity waves ground heating stands. Logically, of course, be armed with both methods of influence on the ionospheric instability and radioactively stands, and run with the help of rockets and stratosphere balloons modules with chemical reagents.

Thus, the wave caused by lower layers of the atmosphere, causing natural disasters – from hurricane winds, to sudden local increases in air temperature.

Ground heater stands

A logical continuation of military research programs of the United States was the creation of the program HARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)) – program of study high-frequency activity in the auroral region. In addition to HARP in the world there are six such land stands in tromsø (Norway), in Jicamarca (Peru), Sura in Nizhny Novgorod and in the city, Apatit (Murmansk region) – Russia; near Kharkov radio antenna and the radio antenna in Dushanbe (Tajikistan). Of these, only two, like HARP, transmitting stand in Tromso and Sura, the other is passive, and is intended primarily for radio astronomy research. A qualitative difference between the HARP – his incredible power, which today is 1ГВт (planned – 3.6 GW) and the proximity to the North magnetic pole.


In 1974 year, the company conducted a series of experiments in electromagnetic stream in Platteville (co), Arecibo (Puerto Rico) and Armidale (Australia, NSW). And in the 80s an employee of the company Atlantic Richfield Bernard George. Eastlondon received the patent “Method and apparatus for changing the layers of earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere and/or magnetosphere”. On this patent and is based on the HARP program, initiated jointly by the air force and the U.S. Navy in 1993-m to year. Antenna field and scientific base of the program are located near the town of Gakona in Alaska, and in operation they joined in 1998, however, the construction of the antenna array is still not completed.

The program is designed to “understand, simulate and control ionospheric processes that can influence communication and Supervisory system.” The HARP system includes a beam of high frequency radio energy of 3.6 GW (this power will be achieved upon completion of construction) directed at the ionosphere to:

— Generating extremely low frequency waves to communicate with underwater submarines
— The performance of geophysical tests, with the aim of identifying and characterizing natural ionospheric processes, further development of techniques for observation and control
— Create ionospheric lenses to focus high frequency energy, with the aim of the study of the trigger effects of the ionospheric processes that potentially could be used by the Ministry of defence
— Electronic amplification of infrared and other optical emissions that can be used to control radio waves with the purpose of propaganda.
— The generation of the geomagnetic field the length of the ionization and control reflecting \which people absorb guided radio waves
– The use of oblique heat rays to affect radio-wave propagation, which is bordered by the potential military applications of ionospheric technology.

All that’s officially stated objectives. However, the idea of the project HARP originated in the days of the “Star wars”, then it was planned to create a “lattice” a very hot plasma (which consists of the ionosphere) for the destruction of missiles of the Soviet Union. And the placement in Alaska is beneficial because the North pole lies the shortest route to the United States. Create a HARP coincided with the statements by Washington about the need for “modernization” of the ABM Treaty of 1972. “Modernization” ended in the unilateral US withdrawal from the Treaty on 13 December 2001 and an increase in the requirements of the program HARP.

Another, not mentioned officially, the scope of the HARP is the amplification of acoustic-gravity waves (not accidentally situated near the center of Poker flat, which can be launched missile with catalyst “inhibitory” ionospheric wave, and beginning the process of “free” energy).

Antenna field HARP is in place with coordinates 62.39 on C. rd. and, 145.15 s.d. and is a phased array antenna transmitter, designed for transmission of radio signals at frequencies from 2.8 to 10 MHz. In the future, the antenna is a 33 acres (approximately 134 sq m) and will be 180 individual antennas (placed rectangle 12 to 15 antennas). Each design consists of two pairs of intersecting dipole antennas, one for low band (2.8 to 8.3 MHz), the other for the “top” (7 to 10 MHz).

Each antenna is equipped with a thermocouple, and the whole field is fenced “to prevent possible damage by large animals.” Only the antenna field is expected to install 30 integrated transmitters (transmitters), each of which will contain 6 pairs of 10 kW in the smaller transmitters, the total capacity of which will amount to 3.6 GW. Electrical energy for the entire complex supply six generators of 2500 kW. As officially stated by the creators, the beam reaching the ionosphere will have a capacity of only 3 mW per square meter.

Other heating facility – “EISCAT” in tromsø (Norway) is also located in the Subpolar region, but less powerful than the HARP, and was created by early.


The heating facility “Sura” it was built in the late 70’s and was commissioned in 1981. Initially, the object “Sura” was funded by the Ministry of Defence, today funding is provided by the Federal target program “Integration” (project N 199/2001). Scientific-research radiophysical Institute (NIRFI) developed a project of the Center for Collective use of SUR (SUR NBI) to conduct joint research of RAS institutes.

Scientific research directions are the following:

— Studies of turbulence at altitudes of the mesopause (75-90 km) and connection of this phenomenon with atmospheric processes.

— Study of atmospheric parameters at heights of 55-120 km, as well as the parameters and dynamics of the ionosphere at altitudes of 60-300 km by resonant scattering on artificial periodic inhomogeneities.

– Studies of dynamic processes in the upper atmosphere including the convective motion of the neutral gas components and the influence of wave perturbations on atmospheric processes by artificially induced by a controlled source of acoustic-gravity waves.

– Research of regularities of generation of artificial turbulence, and electromagnetic radiation from artificial ionospheric plasma in different frequency ranges (HF, UHF, optical luminescence) when subjected to the powerful radio waves; modeling of natural processes of excitation of turbulence and generation of electromagnetic radiation of the ionosphere during the invasion of streams of energetic particles in the Earth’s atmosphere.

– Observation of radio emission far transionospheric of propagation of decameter-UHF, the development of methods and instruments to predict and control wave propagation.

Radio “sur” is Vasilsursk, Nizhny Novgorod region (57. W. 46 V. D.). It is based on three shortwave radio PKV-250 with a frequency range 4-25 MHz and a power of 250 kW each (total – 0.8 MW) and three-section receiving-transmitting antenna of PAD the size of 300×300 square meters, with a bandwidth of 4.3-9.5 MHz and a gain of 26dB at a medium frequency.

The main difference between plants and HARP “Sura” in power, and location: the HARP is located in region Northern lights “sur” – in the middle lane, the power of the HARP today is much more power “Sura”, however, today both installations are operated and of the goals are identical: to study the propagation, generation of acoustic-gravity waves create ionospheric lenses.

The press of the United States blames Russian using the “Sura” to challenge and change the trajectory of hurricanes, while Russian and Ukrainian officials send out warning letters, which directly called the HARP of geophysical weapons. A discussion of the dangers posed by HARP for the Russian Federation, the Duma did not take place, although it was planned.

There are several international treaties limiting climatic and meteorological experiments of the participating countries, among them most fully reflects the problem the Convention on the prohibition of military or other hostile impact on the environment (entered into force 5 October 1978, never expires). At the request of any party to the Convention (only four States) may be convened by the Advisory Committee of experts, which will review questionable natural phenomenon or technical design.



HAARP ( _en. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program the high frequency active auroral program research) — American research project to study polar lights; according to others — geophysical or ionospheric weapon. The story of the creation is associated with the name of Nikola Tesla. The project was launched in the spring of 1997, Gakona, Alaska (lat. 62°.23′ N, long 145°.8′ W)

In August 2002 the State Duma of Russia discussed the possible consequences of the project.


Included in HAARP antennas, radar, incoherent radiation from the antenna of the hole diameter, laser radars, magnetometers, computers for signal processing and control the antenna field. Nourishes the whole complex of powerful gas power plant and six diesel generators. Deploying complex and research on it is engaged in the “laboratory Philips”, located on the U.S. air force base in Cartledge, new Mexico. She is the focus of laboratory astrophysics, Geophysics and weapons of the space technology Centre of military air forces of the United States.


Officially complex ionospheric research (HAARP) is built to study the nature of the ionosphere and development of systems and missile defense. Assumes the use of HAARP (HAARP) to detect submarines and underground imaging the planet’s interior.

HAARP as orogastric?

Some of the scientific and public figures and organizations expressed concern that HAARP can be used for destructive activities. For example, they argue that:
* HAARP can be used so that the selected area has been completely disrupted sea and air navigation, blocked the radio and radar, out of action onboard electronics of spacecraft, missiles, aircraft and ground systems. In arbitrarily delineated area may be terminated by the use of all types of weapons and equipment. Integrated geophysical weapons can cause large-scale accidents in any electrical networks, oil and gas pipelines [ “S. G. Mozharovsky” […view&id=1075&Itemid=59 American geophysical weapons – HAARP] .] .

* The radiation energy HAARP can be used to manipulate weather on a global scale [ “Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf” [ Transition to the age of frequencies] : in one of patentov, which were used to develop the HAARP antennas, clearly refers to the possibility of manipulating the weather.] for harming the ecosystem or its complete destruction.
* HAARP can be used as psychotronic weapons.
** To use the technology of directional death ray that can destroy any targets at great distances.
** To direct with great precision the invisible beam to separate people, causing cancer and other deadly diseases, and so that the victim will not even suspect about the harmful effects.
** Immerse in sleep whole communities or lead inhabitants into a state of such excitement that they will resort to violence against each other.
** To direct a beam of broadcasting directly into the brain of people what they think they hear the voice of God or anyone who will be leading this radio.

Defenders of the HAARP project put forward the following counterarguments:
* The amount of energy emitted by the complex, is negligible compared to the energy produced by the ionosphere from solar radiation and lightning
* Disturbances in the ionosphere made by the radiation of the complex disappear fairly quickly; the experiments conducted at Arecibo Observatory showed that the return section of the ionosphere in the initial condition occurs at the same time in which it was heated.
* There is no serious scientific basis for such use of HAARP as the destruction of all weapons, electricity networks, pipelines, global weather manipulation, mass psychotropic effects, etc.

Similar research projects

The HAARP system is not unique. In the US there are 2 stations — one in Puerto Rico (near the Arecibo Observatory), the second, known as HIPAS, Alaska near the town of Fairbanks. Both of these stations are similar to the HAARP active and passive instruments.

Europe also has 2 world class complex for the study of the ionosphere, both located in Norway: a more powerful radar EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter Radar site) is located near the city of Tromso, a less powerful SPEAR (Space Plasma Exploration by Active Radar) – on the Spitsbergen archipelago. Similar complexes are located:
# in Jicamarca (Peru);
# Vasilsursk (“SURA”) and Apatity (Russia);
# near Kharkov (Ukraine);
# in Dushanbe (Tajikistan).

The primary purpose of these systems is the study of the ionosphere and most of them have the ability to stimulate small, localized areas of the ionosphere. Have HAARP too have such opportunities. But HAARP is different from these complexes are an unusual combination of research tools, which allows management of radiation shirokoformatnoy coating nobr|etc.

Radiation power

# HAARP (Alaska) – up to 3600 kW
# EISCAT (Norway, tromsø) – 1200 kW
# SPEAR (Norway, Longyearbyen) – 288 kW

Unlike broadcast stations, many of which are transmitters of 1000 kW, but weakly directional antenna systems like HAARP uses a highly directional transmitting antenna type phased array antenna capable of focusing the entire radiated energy on a small area of space.


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Nikola Tesla, HAARP, atmospheric weapons.

The experiments with the Ionosphere.
Went irreversible processes.

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