Top 10 #Wikileaks Discoveries You Should Know About the USA Govt.’s Cover-Ups

Wikileaks. Since 2006 this site, with its charismatic founder, Julian Assange, has been exposing secrets and facts those in charge don’t want you to know about. It has humbled big corporations, brought down governments, and may have changed the course of the presidential election.

Here is our Top 10 Wikileaks discoveries you need to know about. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ►◄

For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Credit: Featuring… The Trafigura Report – In 2009 Wikileaks sent environmentalists crazy when they published documents about the oil giant, Trafigura.

They managed to obtain an internal report by a scientist called John Minton, which said the waste Trafigura dumped off the west coast of Africa was potentially hazardous. The Trans-Pacific Partnership – The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, is a trade deal between 12 countries around the Pacific Ocean, including the US, Australia and Japan. It was signed in 2016 after 7 years of secret negotiations, but is still waiting to be ratified. The Great Firewall of Australia – In 2009, the Australian government decided that some of the internet was unsuitable for the delicate eyes of Australian people.

The AKP party in Turkey – In July 2016, Wikileaks came across a treasure trove of 300,000 emails from the servers of President Erdogan’s party, and leaked them to the world. Wikileaks were sitting on this cache of emails, dating back to 2010. Scientology –

In 2008 Wikileaks published what they called ‘The Collected Secret Bibles of Scientology’. Previously, not much was known about this secretive religion, founded by L. Ron Hubbard, and counting John Travolta and Tom Cruise among its number.

Cablegate – This was in 2010, when Wikileaks released 44 years’ worth of messages from the US State Department. The Guantanamo Bay Papers – In 2007, Wikileaks got hold of the staff operating handbook for Camp Delta, at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

This is the US Army prison where many terror suspects were held after 9/11. The 9/11 Pager Data – In 2009 Wikileaks released more than half a million pager messages sent in the US on the day of the 9/11 attacks 8 years earlier. Pagers are what people used to send text messages before mobiles, by the way.

2016 US Presidential Election Leaks – During the recent campaign there has been a series of leaks, all concerning the Democrats and their candidate, Hillary Clinton. In July they leaked a batch of emails and files from the server of the Democratic National Committee. The Iraq Collateral Murder Video – In 2010 Wikileaks published a video filmed from a US Army helicopter as it took part in an airstrike over Baghdad during 2007.




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