How the United States became the most corrupt country in the world

How the United States became the most corrupt country in the world

The congressmen intend to spend the taxpayers ‘ money, the citizens of the USA, to Fund the work of a special unit of the us state Department, which must engage in the fight against corruption in Russia. Is aimed at appeared in the depths of the American bill H. R. 2820 — Fight Russian Corruption Act.

It is curious that the United States authorities make such a move given the recent poll Texas Tribune Poll, conducted by the University of Texas, under which the Americans put corruption of U.S. political elite the five biggest problems of their country. While across the state, not the state, it was called issue # 1. That is so told and earlier sociological research. In such a situation, the question arises: why did the U.S. government get involved in the Affairs of other countries, when they themselves are mired in corruption?


Russian President Vladimir Putin on 14 March this year, speaking at a meeting of the Prosecutor General of Russia, said: “Some countries claim global leadership, or to be more precise, claims to global domination, have begun to adopt the practice of creating so-called anti-corruption committees of the parallel authorities that are most often used not for the purpose for which they were created, and to manipulate in the political sphere. Russia, of course, will never allow you to create at home, but in some countries, such structures have been established in Eastern Europe”.


Meanwhile, something similar against Russia is trying to inflict us Department of state. Also noteworthy is that intensified its “anti-corruption” work of the LRC (control Center”investigation”) of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the so-called anti-corruption center of the party “Yabloko” and others. But whether they have the right to conduct activities which are the prerogative of the secret services? This remains an open question, given what kind of real danger to the sovereignty of Russia can be discussed if someone in Russia or abroad — might try de facto to do what you do only to law enforcement agencies? Because then it would mean that these “investigative” structures will pretend that they “compete” with the security organs. And this in turn may lead to attempts quiet discredit in the eyes of the public the authorities who are on duty on a daily basis investigating corruption in Russia and bring perpetrators to established domestic law of responsibility.


What leads to the intervention of the US state Department in the Affairs of other States, is seen on the example of Ukraine. Whether there was corruption as a phenomenon in Ukraine under Viktor Yanukovych? Of course, Yes. As a crime this kind of crime exists in any country of the world. But the American NGOs, as well as working on them the Ukrainian media was able to convince a significant part of the population of this country, what absolute evil of corruption was at Ukraine a vast. Ideologically processed thus Ukrainians, the Obama team orchestrated a coup in Ukraine, installing a Pro-American regime of Petro Poroshenko.


I do not agree with the opinion that Petro Poroshenko “tired” to the US authorities who seek to bring to the economy of Ukraine is a positive reform and I want to teach the elite of this country against corruption. Such words sounded on 20 June at the meeting of Petro Poroshenko with the Vice-President Mike Pence: that, say, Ukraine needs reform and you need to advance in the fight against corruption. Isn’t a specific person in the political elite of the United States, for example, former Vice President of USA Joseph Biden, has announced its intention to go to American presidents at the next election, was not engaged in “racketeering” the proliferation of corruption in Ukraine under Poroshenko? Business in Ukraine for the most part, comparing what is now in their country and that it was under Yanukovych, comes to the disappointing conclusion: corruption and extortion in this area has only grown.


It may seem like all the fact that under the pretext of fighting corruption to power in Ukraine came to Petro Poroshenko, who is now not satisfied with the US government, and they look askance? Well, the meeting of Petro Poroshenko in the White house showed that with such a President there is still willing to work.

And in General, the same Obama team well able to convince many in the world that, well, the problem with Ukraine is the issue of the clash of geopolitical interests of the United States and Russia, as well as the question of the establishment of true democracy in Russia’s neighboring state. But in reality what? In reality, pieces of ownership of Ukraine are distributed to trusted people from overseas. And imagine that some politicians from the United States fly from Ukraine with a good condition are very easy. And if it isn’t, first, have controlled us intelligence agencies a number of offshore jurisdictions, and secondly, some politicians from overseas may not be squeamish to take just cash.

But why the silence of the courts in the United States? Obviously, their independence from the political elite of the USA is a myth, which is steadily spreading around the world along with the cinematic products of Hollywood. It is clear that no real opposition in the United States is not, and the government arranged on the basis of the dictatorship. Vladimir Putin on 20 June at a meeting with members of the Public chamber of Russia gave an example of the fate of the movement “Occupy wall street”: “Where is it? The FBI broke all to pieces — there’s no one left. And it’s done so quietly as if in acid solution. Times and all disappeared.” Thus, comparing the situation with the protests in Russia, the head of state stressed that the us “more room”.

As you know, June 20, American authorities once again extended sanctions against several individuals and legal entities of Russia. As commented this step, the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, “this was done out of the blue”. “Can not do anything to Express, except for regrets about this Russophobic obsession with our American colleagues. She already goes beyond all limits,” he added.

But the wrapper of sanctions can be traced to the candy of American economic interests. Reforms in Ukraine, which they say in Washington, is an opportunity for the right people to the American political elite to fill there pockets. A typical reaction of Washington to the events in Qatar: first, the United States attacked the politicians of this country, but once in Doha signed a contract for the purchase of American F-15 at $ 12 billion, Washington began to give a signal to Saudi Arabia restored relations with Qatar. Rhetorical question: was there a rollback and who got it overseas?

The contract there, a contract here, and part of the money in his pocket. Such is the logic of American foreign policy, which is hidden behind big words about that, what are the geopolitical interests of the United States. And what about the wonderful reforms in Ukraine, the U.S. state Department concerned as well as on combating corruption in other countries?

Exposing corruption in the US is the most effective way to ensure stability in the world: research that will silence the hotheads in the us state Department, and will allow you to win ideologically Washington in a situation when the courts in the US are not able to reach the key persons involved in local corruption.

And the facts are already there. Former us Secretary of state John Kerry is responsible for American foreign policy, has declared that it is necessary to reduce tax evasion through offshore zones in the world. This did not prevent his family to hold funds for at least eleven offshore accounts. In addition, it turned out that the daughter of the head of the state Department, USA, Vanessa Kerry, was the head of one of the American non-governmental organizations, which were registered directly in his father’s house in Boston.


This NGO has received from what can be found — $ 9 million directly from the US state Department without any competition. Another prominent member of one of the previous administrations, Vice-President Joseph Biden, during his long career in the United States managed to find common language with the then-lawyer Barack Obama, when it was just about the alleged lobbying of interests of some U.S. companies. One of the typical episodes of such “lobbying” when President Obama was that in 2010 the brother of Joe Biden, James, became part of one of the construction companies in the United States. The organization eventually received a contract from the American state in the amount of $ 1.5 billion for the construction of houses in Iraq. And it’s not the only episode of “lobbying”.

Even these facts demonstrate that the real meaning of ‘ foreign policy elite of the United States was not to engage in defending the geopolitical interests of the United States and the “rights and freedoms” of citizens of other countries. All this demagoguery of the US state Department, when labeled with a type of “police state”, is skilful to deceive politicians and the public in other countries, designed to hide the real and very specific monetary interests of members of the US political elite — the elite that Donald trump called “the Washington swamp” and which seeks to show him who’s boss.


Recently, the “Russian factor” in the political life of the United States was decisive. We witnessed the transformation of information agenda in the United States, is unfolding before our eyes a fierce battle the American elite, where the main weapon in the “fight hardware” were accusations of ties with our country.

In the twilight of his second term as President Barack Obama spoke disparagingly about Russia trying to artificially diminish its role and influence in the modern world, speaking of it as exclusively regional power that is “not for power, but because of its weakness is a threat to some of its neighbors.” However, it soon attacks the retired President and members of his administration about the “weakness” of Moscow was completely refuted by the lips of the American politicians and senior officials. It turns out using RT and news Agency Sputnik, the Kremlin is constantly trying to influence the minds of ordinary American citizens, forming the “wrong picture to the world” hand of the Kremlin is visible behind all major world events, and its ubiquitous “hackers”, which have a pervasive influence on the American electoral system (and European too), even stand for victory in the presidential election the Republican candidate, Donald trump.

Indeed, the “Russian factor” his appearance is largely the result of the presidential race, 2016 presidential Candidates United States Donald trump and Hillary Clinton paid special attention to relations with Moscow. However, unlike the candidate of the Democratic party, which in its usual manner, has accused Russia of “aggression” and insisted on a tougher policy towards the Russian state, Donald trump opted for a more constructive rhetoric, demonstrating intentions to build equal cooperation with Moscow and President Vladimir Putin: “I hope that we will have a very, very good relations with Putin, Russia… I think I can get along with him”.

In the end the former democratic candidate blamed his defeat of the Kremlin, gave the “Russian hackers” the order to commit cyber attacks on the servers of the Democratic party, as well as “Russian” WikiLeaks, which has published the compromising Clinton materials.

After winning the election, Donald trump was faced with a massive information campaign whose sole purpose was to discredit his figures, and influential members of his team. And again, “the Russian factor” has become a major weapon in the hands of opponents of the newly elected American President. Committee on intelligence of the U.S. house of representatives began hearings about Russian interference in presidential elections in which the Congress gave his testimony, U.S. attorney General, the head of us intelligence, the FBI, the NSA and the CIA. The investigation is still ongoing, however, no evidence of “collusion” trump and the Kremlin and Moscow’s influence on the outcome of the presidential election was not given, which, however, does not interfere with the current Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo stated: “the Intelligence community said that in these elections interfered with the Russians and did not do it the original way. They did it for a very long time, and Russia for decades trying to undermine American democracy.”

Disloyal Tramp, the media constantly publish information, some anonymous sources from the White House, according to which, for example, a newly elected President almost immediately gave the administration the order to prepare the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions. Under constant informational pressure are also the members of his team. So, Michael Flynn, appointed to the post of national security adviser, was accused of failure to present Vice-President Michael Penny data about his conversation with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak. The purpose of the meeting backstage, according to opponents of the trump, was “the establishment of a secret channel of communication” between the new American administration and the Russian government. In the end, because of the enormous pressure trump released Flynn from his post. Under constant pressure, is senior adviser to the President of the United States Jared Kushner, who is also the son-in-law of Donald trump, and the Minister of justice and the US attorney General Jeff sessions. Both high-ranking official charged with relations with the Kremlin for meetings with the Russian diplomat Sergei Kislyak, when Donald Trapm not yet officially assumed the position of President.

In the information space US constantly there are rumors about a possible impeachment of the incumbent due to its ties with Russia. In the words of Donald trump: “This is the biggest witch hunt in the face of a politician in American history.”

The current in the American establishment anti-consensus resembles the period of McCarthyism in the United States since the cold war, when the normal political communication with Russian politicians, diplomats or businessmen perceived as a betrayal of national interests and a direct proof of the existence of “secret communication” with the Kremlin. Therefore, any attempt by Donald trump to establish relations with Moscow will become a good occasion for another round of campaign to discredit an American President. Against this background, the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly adopts a bill that will not allow Donald Trump without the approval of the legislature to remove sanctions against Russia.

Your example of America is trying to impose on the world a single pattern — modern Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin it is impossible to build normal relations of partnership, even despite the fact that the Russian President has consistently insisted on the need to establish a mutually constructive dialogue: “we Have to admit that for the previous few years has actually been destroyed that evolved over the previous decades, the Foundation of mutual cooperation. Our bilateral ties have been on the low since the cold war point… I am Convinced that normalization of bilateral relations meets the interests of the two countries. And we will continue the dialogue with the new US President, Mr. trump, and the new administration… Help us restore normal political dialogue. I ask you, on behalf of Russia and turn to the American side to help the newly elected President and the new administration of the United States.”

The result of this irresponsible policy of certain American circles that apply in intra-elite clashes as effective information weapons “Russian factor” was the destabilization of the entire system of international relations. Two important global actors, which depends on global stability and security, have difficulty to seek common ground amid an unprecedented deterioration of relations. Understand the importance of restoring dialogue and trust in Washington. So, U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson has prepared a special plan to normalize relations with Moscow. Developed by the U.S. state Department program aimed at building a “constructive working relationship” with the Kremlin. However, in order to cut this Gordian knot and, finally, to move from the demonization of Russia to develop constructive cooperation, President Trump would first have to survive in a bitter internal political struggle, where any positive signal to Moscow weakens the position of the us President. One of the last chances for the improvement of Russian-American relations can become the upcoming summit on the summit “Big twenty” in Hamburg. As you know, both leaders very skillfully can use personal relationships to strengthen bilateral cooperation. In any case, the “Russian factor” will remain for Donald trump’s cornerstone, both in foreign and domestic policy of the United States throughout the period of his presidential term.

In the case of expansion of anti-Russian sanctions by the US, theoretically we can limit our cooperation in the space industry, to rid us of debt securities and to expand the list of restrictions against individuals, assumes the Deputy Director of the Institute for strategic studies and forecasts of PFUR Nikita Danyk.

The Kremlin will proceed from the principle of reciprocity in the preparation of the response to the expansion of anti-Russian sanctions from the United States

The Kremlin will proceed from the principle of reciprocity in the preparation of the response to the expansion of anti-Russian sanctions from the United States

The principle of reciprocity

The Kremlin will proceed from the principle of reciprocity in the preparation of the response to the expansion of anti-Russian sanctions from the United States, said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

“In the United States today, there are two parallel processes. On the one hand the legislative branch of government in the face of the Senate really has fully endorsed the extension of the sanctions package against Russia, and the document went to the House of representatives. But on the other hand we hear the statement of the Secretary of state’s Rex Tillerson about the existence of a secret plan to restore relations with Moscow.

This discordance proves the absence of a unified consolidated position towards Russia. The statements of the President and the state Department about the desire to restore relations with Moscow on certain conditions, should be taken as a positive signal. But at the same time, to ignore the attempts of the legislature to constrain trump in his actions is not worth it. It is difficult to say which of these tendencies will win up,” says our source.

Note that the new sanctions in case of their adoption not only legislate the existing sanctions and would limit the President’s right to abolish them without the permission of Congress, but also increase the pressure on key branches of the Russian industry and the financial sector. Under the sanctions can get in the mining, metallurgical, railway and shipping industry. Even American experts believe that Moscow’s response to such actions can be extremely hard.

We still supply RD-180 engines for American carrier rockets

We still supply RD-180 engines for American carrier rockets
npoenergomash.EN / Press service of the NGO “Energomash”

Possible counter-sanctions of Russia

“Retaliatory sanctions have traditionally been symmetric in nature. They will cover the same sectors and organizations, as well as the comparative number of individuals. however, some steps from our side can weaken US. First of all, we are talking about our cooperation in the aerospace industry. It is no secret that our aerospace industry is strongly linked, we still supply RD-180 engines for American carrier rockets. This cooperation can be reviewed.

We have another trump card. A large amount of money in the Russian financial authorities is stored in a us securities and debt obligations. With political will and appropriate solutions, we can demand their money back on the bonds. Such a decision can cause significant financial losses to our partners. Though I guess confrontation will not be released to a new level. Most likely, our relationship will remain in the current status quo,” continues Danyk.

But even after the introduction of sanctions and counter-sanctions, both States will be able to preserve potential space. According to the expert, will show the upcoming meeting of Putin and trump on the sidelines of the G20 summit. About the possibilities of reforming and restoring our relations will be possible only after the leaders establish personal contact.

Author: Andrei Petrov

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