WSJ: Moscow is trying to destroy the New World Order led by American Zionists

WSJ: Moscow is trying to destroy the New World Order led by American Zionists

Russia has recently begun to behave quite as “regional power” and actively works even in those countries where its influence was previously almost zero, writes The Wall Street Journal. As the article States, Moscow does so, in order to undermine the US-led international order and to rewrite the rules of international politics in their favor.
WSJ: Moscow is trying to destroy the world order led by America

Vladimir Putin’s Russia goes global: from Libya to the Balkans and South Africa, the Kremlin is working to destroy the U.S.-led international order, wrote in his article for The Wall Street Journal, the Director of the program for the study of Russia and Eurasia at the Carnegie Foundation “For international peace” Eugene Rumer and Vice-President of the Foundation Andrew Weiss. 
Former US President Barack Obama once called a simple post-Soviet Russia “a regional power“, but currently it looks not so, according to the article. In recent years, Vladimir Putin emerged on the world level, began to actively use the diplomacy of smiles and personal charm in those countries where Moscow’s influence was virtually at zero.
The presence of Russia is evident on much of the Middle East, Europe, parts of Africa and even in Latin America, indicated in the article. Moscow found many open opportunities and actively uses the split in the Western camp.
The program is clear and straightforward: to strengthen the influence of Russia at the expense of Washington and at the expense of the rules-based international system that the United States built and led since the Second world war“, — assured the authors.
Among the tools used by Moscow, and the undermining of democratic forms of government, and inciting ethnic and religious tensions, and the construction of outposts for intelligence gathering and projection of its military power. Russia willingly climbed to where the US and its partners either lost their positions or are unable to do anything.
Thus, according to the authors, the essence of the current renewed activity of Moscow is not to dictate certain conditions in some parts of the world, and to undermine and destroy the U.S.-led international order in which the rules of economic openness, democratic accountability and the rule of law. Moscow strives to keep as many international players from those structures and safety measures, on which Washington worked hard for several generations.
Mr. Putin is betting that the will be able to rewrite the rules of international politics in their favor. American leaders and strategists have to show him that he is mistaken“, — summed up in an article for the Wall Street Journal Eugene Rumer and Andrew Weiss.

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