Articles By Zionist: Alex Nitzberg

Articles By: Alex Nitzberg

Academia’s Attack On Israel

Students and professors propagate anti-Israel ideology at America’s college campuses, harshly lambasting the Jewish State, Dr. Richard Cravatts explained during an interview on The Alex Nitzberg Show.


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Carbon Pricing And Colleges

More than 30 colleges are listed as endorsers of the #PutAPriceOnIt carbon pricing campaign developed by Our Climate and Years of Living Dangerously.

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Real Libertarians Don’t Indoctrinate

Left-wing activists who try to provide examples of right-wing indoctrination in classrooms usually come up empty. There’s a reason for that.

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Hampshire College: “Identity-Based Housing”

Combining identity politics, social justice doctrine and the concept of “safe-spaces,” Hampshire College allows students to self-segregate by living in “Identity-Based Housing.” The college’s website explains: “Residence Life and Housing facilitates the continuation of many…

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John Guandolo Discusses The Muslim Brotherhood’s Network in America, Attacks the Media

John Guandolo, a former FBI agent, discussed sharia law, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood’s American presence in a recent interview with Alex Nitzberg.

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“Drag Queen Story Hour” Sends Cross Dressers to Read to Children

Cross-dressers, or “drag queens,” are being sent to read books to children to focus society more on “queer-centered kids programming.”

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Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer On Islam, The Media, Universities And Free Speech

Alex Nitzberg interviewed Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer and they discussed topics such as radical Islam and free speech on college campuses.

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Deafening Silence: Businesses Ignore March for Life But Sponsor LGBT Movement

Conscientious conservative consumers face a serious problem—American businesses support the LGBT movement en masse and this economic epidemic has metastasized to so many brands and businesses that social conservatives would struggle if they attempted to…

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Sheriff David Clarke: “Cop Under Fire”

The Democrat party’s radical ideology, the nation’s welfare state and the existing educational system detrimentally impact black Americans in poor communities Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. explains in his forthcoming book, “Cop Under Fire:…

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