The Pentagon and global strike against Russia: that’s a suicide attempt!

October 14, 2017, 09:45

Photo: AutoGirl / pixabay

During the collection of the first Committee of the UN General Assembly was held the Russian-Chinese briefing. The representative of military Department of Russia, Alexander Emelyanov brought to present: the US aims to change the global balance of power. The Pentagon continues to work on the creation of weapons of instant global strike (MSU).

Prospective strike complexes MSU well within the new American concept of sharing offensive and defensive weapons, solving tasks, which previously were the prerogative of the strategic nuclear forces. However, they are dependent on the system ABOUT which States are currently actively deployed in Eastern Europe and in South Korea.

In South Korea, they may place with the consent of the local authorities aircraft carrier strike group, the Navy and strategic bombers in addition to launchers of missile defense system THAAD. Why so many difficulties? Countering DPRK does not require the use of such measures. But if you want to strike at Russian and Chinese objects which relate to the strategic nuclear forces, it all becomes clear: the effectiveness of the us ABM system will increase significantly.

The idea of global domination did not let the American government. They provoke Russia, bringing the world to war. All their actions are directed not just to deterrence, but also to the collection of information about the Russian missiles, the country of the target designation to intercept their warheads, the capacity of low-orbit detection system to transmit data from spacecraft on Board missiles.

But what did the recent military exercises “Zapad-2017”? The massive deployment of NATO tanks “Abrams”, a heavy self-propelled guns M109 Paladin and 144 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to Poland and the Baltic States, where they remained for the future.

The sense that the personnel of the Americans was renewed, when all the military equipment left? To complement the hardware personnel can in the shortest possible time: just throw warriors with base Ramstein in Germany. Such tricks do not that other as the “dual basing”, and one of the roles in this performance was played by the Baltic States, raised a howl about the Russian threat.

Americans are manipulated by Europeans, increasing in EU countries, their missile capabilities and trying to lull Russia’s claims that the Founding act of the NATO-Russia implemented in full. In fact, seek to gain advantage through the creation of conditions for the use of nuclear weapons with minimal costs. It’s about confidence, undermining the global security system. The sense of impunity will play with the Americans a cruel joke, because they negate the various kinds of agreements on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, including in space, provoking an arms race.

American “allies” in Europe it is hoped that States will support them and protect them in difficult times. They play the role of “cannon fodder”, which is the first to be thrown into the breach. American politicians and generals did believe that the world is unchanged, and they will be able to re-sit out of the ocean, staged a massacre in Europe. A false sense, absolutely based on nothing and easy to remove…

Europe should take note that the activities of Washington can be a barrier to space activities anywhere in the world. The desire to dominate on the ground and in space is obvious.
What will happen is still unknown, but it brings to mind the idea of the late academician Sakharov on the creation of a giant tsunami. In the case of a full-scale military action by NATO against Russia (total destruction!), why not apply it in reality?

To blow, as advised by the academician, some ammunition in reference points along the Atlantic and Pacific transform faults at a depth of six to eight kilometers and rinse the hell out of all NATO, since America, with its Yellowstone a SUPERVOLCANO? Different “Western cannibals” can no longer hold back…

The only real threat to their precious skins are able to hold the West from the beginning of a new world war. And not a word about democracy and some sort of values! Value in the world, only one man has the right to life and to peace in their country. Without external aggression, pressure and attempts of colonization.

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