How it happened: The takedown of the original website


Our readers are no doubt wondering what happened to our old site Why it was so suddenly shut down, and why we have had to relocate.

In brief, the site was shut down on April 15 by Doug Salzmann, one of the five Admins. Salzmann was not the owner of OffGuardian, nor anyone’s employer there. The site had been created equally by all five of the Admins, and we had all invested time and effort – and in some cases money – into its construction and content. The only thing unique about Salzmann was that he had purchased the domain name – for communal use. In fact, he was at the time these events unfolded, supposed to be in the throes of transferring the domain to a shared status. His sudden assumption of “authority” as described below was therefore baseless and extraordinary. His motives in using that spurious “authority”…

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