Trevor Noah is ‘disappointed’ by Donald Trump’s handling of the opioid epidemic

Don’t fall out of your chairs or tumble onto your standing desks, but Trevor Noah actually had something nice to say about President Trump.

In a clip from Aug. 10, the president called the opioid crisis “a national emergency,” which Noah acknowledged was “huge” during Thursday’s NSFW Daily Show segment.

“Declaring the opioid crisis an official national emergency, that is a big step,” Noah said, “because when the president does that, the government can start using money from a multi-billion dollar fund to fight the problem. Donald Trump getting it done.”

But The Daily Show host’s praise was short-lived, ending as Trump called the opioid crisis a “national public health emergency” Thursday.

While the difference might seem small, it has a big impact. If Trump had declared the opioid crisis a national emergency — a tricky legal maneuver, to be sure — access would’ve been granted to the billions of dollars Congress is spending on disaster relief bills.

Declaring it a national public health emergency lets the Department of Health and Human Services access a special fund Congress set up to allow a fast response to unexpected health emergencies. But that fund only has $57,000 in it.

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When it comes to declaring emergencies, the type of emergency it is can determine how much funding the federal government will allocate to solve it. Video provided by Newsy Newslook

Noah said he was “disappointed” in Trump as “what he delivered was very far from the promise.”

“It’s like if Trump stood at the border in a few years and was like, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce my big, beautiful Wal … greens,” Noah said, adopting a Trump voice. “No Mexicans allowed and guess who paid for it: Mexico’s … neighbor, America.'”

Contributing: Gregory Korte

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