“Breaking the Silence” Video, israeli soldier “we treat the Palestinians like animals”


‘Palestinians are not humans,’ Israeli soldier says

A former female Israeli soldier recognised that she and her colleagues used to deal with Palestinians as if they “are not humans.” In a video recorded by the Israeli organisation Breaking the Silence, the former Israeli soldier Gil Hillel from the Israeli Military Police Patrol in Al-Khalil, revealed the savage treatment the Palestinians receive when they are kidnapped from their homes at night and led to the Israeli prisons. The female soldier described how her task took a full day and was not popular resulting in the soldiers taking their frustration out on the prisoners

“I did not give them food or water the entire day,” she said in the recording, “If I could tighten their handcuffs then I did.” She added: “If I could slap them or, you know, hit them on the head or kick or curse them, we would do…

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